Specialized IT solutions and business automation

We provide development of specialized IT systems by individual order.

Why choose our solutions?

By using our information processing and work optimization services, entrepreneurs have significantly saved and improved the company’s efficiency.
Start-ups usually rely on excel spreadsheets, but there is a need for more specialized data entry and processing solutions. Specialized IT solutions are usually chosen when previous data entry and storage methods have exhausted themselves.
Some of our customers have used expensive software and paid thousands of euros in licenses each year, even though they used only a small part of the software’s capabilities. Therefore, it is often more efficient to set up your own system. It is an investment that pays off over time.

The full development cycle consists of:

  • analysis of work organization and acquaintance with the current situation;
  • specification development and system visualization development;
  • programming, testing and implementation;
  • maintenance and servicing;

Some of the IT systems we have developed:

  • Computer service system;
  • Warehouse organization system;
  • Naval internal system;
  • Service application system;
  • Room occupancy system;
  • Contract registration system;
  • Working time accounting and payroll system;

Some of our customers:

AS “Vega1” – Service call system;

SIA “Interspiro” – Report generation;

SIA “Datortehnika” – System for accounting and work organization of equipment handed over for service

“Gtechniq” Ltd. – Warehouse and ordering system

SIA „Liepājas Olimpiskais centrs” – Premises accounting system, Contract registration system

SIA “Rinetta” – Working hours accounting system