Content Creation

Any representation material needs content. As experience shows, creating texts and visual information sources directly is usually the biggest problem when it is loaded on the company’s own shoulders. Therefore, we offer to do it for you.

We’ll find words to reach your audience

Create a meaningful description of the company and field of activity. Highlighting the company’s strengths and experience. Create descriptions of services and products provided.
It is said that one image can replace a thousand words. We are ready to take photos of the company’s premises, staff, service provision process and products. It is also possible to take photos from the air using a drone.
If one picture can say 1000 words, then imagine how much information a 1 minute long video can convey? We will film and assemble your company’s advertising roll or presentation material. You can also speak the text.

Social network management

We will take care of your profiles on social networks. You will only need to serve new customers. Managing your Facebook and Instagram accounts is the best way to ALWAYS stay in touch and share news with customers.
We will take care of the information on your social networks and provide fresh content on a regular basis. Updating information on social networks is important because it is the most direct link with your existing and potential customers.
If you do not have a social networking account, we suggest creating one by choosing the most suitable platform for you.